Rachel Ferguson - Director

Rachel Ferguson, Director of Rachel's Dance Connection, has been teaching on the Southside of Atlanta for over 35 years.  She teaches in Newnan, Sharpsburg, Peachtree City and surrounding areas.  Rachel's Dance Connection Consists of Belly Dancing for Fun and Exercise, Line Dancing, Clogging, Ballroom Dancing and Zumba.  She has taught hundreds of kids and adults to dance and given them the ability to go out and dance socially and to perform for many events including Fayette Celebrity Dancers charity event.  She has Belly danced for many years and has performed at Underground Atlanta in some of the Greek restaurants and has studied under some of the top instructors.  She, and her daughter Beverly, have clogged for over 30 years and have performing teams that entertain crowds at many fairs and festivals and charity events.  Her clogging group consists of all ages from 4 years old on up to adults and is for girls and boys. 

Rachel hold a Line Dance Part once a month, the first Saturday of every month, for her students as well as a quarterly Ballroom Dance.  This gives her students a wonderful place to go for a social outing and where they can use their new talents...



Rachel's husband, Guy Garrison, also helps teach.